What Have Past Keepers and Parents Said About TCSGAcademy
Results from the 2013 Survey
  1. Great camp.
  2. Please continue doing this- it was wonderful. I will keep coming. Great Job
  3. Excellent camp. Very impressed w coach/ camper ratios. Amazing staff very pleased w Tim Howard's level/ time of involvement. Lived how Coach Mulqueen stopped frequently for teaching moments, to change drill- excellent!! Overall- amazing. Thank you for everything:)
  4. The coaching staff was amazing and very helpful. Tim Howard was there the majority of the time which was excellent. I hope Tim will be back next year even though it's the world cup. Overall it was a great experience.
  5. I loved the time you spent rotating though each small group. You always seemed focused on the kids. You gave great feedback. Best goalkeeper camp around by far.
  6. Great camp!! Had a great time and I look forward to next year or perhaps the winter one.
  7. The camp was very enjoyable because you were with other keepers and professional coaches.
  8. It was a great experience being personally acknowledged by experienced trainers and being critiqued on my technique in which a way that I could improve my skill of the position.
  9. TCSGA is an excellent camp for elite goalkeepers, and will highly recommend it to others. It is top-notch training from the most highly experienced goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches in the United States. Everyone worked together to contribute to a great experience for the keepers that attended the camp. Even the keepers said that they had never been more motivated to work hard and to learn everything they could from the coaches and trainers. A "must do" for any serious goalkeeper.
  10. Most impressed with Tim. His presence every day, his work ethic and his passion for these kids overshadowed any complaints I may have (only a couple). Michael will return, even while Tim is away bringing home the World Cup for us :).
  11. I liked that all of the coaches there were hands on with different groups.
  12. The quality of coaches and organization was outstanding!!
  13. Great camp! Don’t change it!
  14. Coaches were very friendly and seemed to care about the children. Very impressed at the level and quality of the coaches.
  15. There were good coaches and it helped me learn more about keeping. Also, Tim Howard was there every single day. He wasn't just there to say hello at the start or end of the camp. He was there teaching us new skills every day, and watching us practice, and having fun with us. It was awesome.
  16. It seemed as if a lot of the trainers/coaches stayed with the older/college keepers. Due to the differences in the age gap, there was a big difference in skill level. Would like to see this somehow addressed in the future. Overall extremely pleased and will definitely be back next year.
  17. This was the best camp I have ever attended. I'll be back.
  18. Best camp ever
  19. Yes. Thank you for taking the time to coach my daughter Mia. She is ready to sign up for next year.
  20. Great diversity and knowledge in the large staff
  21. Most camps will provide a written evaluation specific to the individual’s strengths and areas of improvement. This was not provided at your camp.
  22. I hope that we may be able to do fitness in between the morning and night sessions so that there is not as much down time and we can be even more productive. Similar to how it was the camps first year at Athletic Edge.
  23. The coaches were wonderful. All of them were helpful and offered extra assistance when needed. My son learned a lot, but hasn't had a chance to use it yet. He goes back today. He was in awe of Tim Mulqueen and Tim Howard, seeing them as giants in their field. Fisher did extra workouts at D1 to prepare for camp, to be in top shape. He lived the challenge and hard work, but was amazed at how normal Tim Howard and Tim Mulqueen were. They are just really nice people here to help us get better. They don't act famous, he said. They work hard to help us work hard. He rated camp as better than the one time he got to see Chelsea play Wigan in England. That puts this camp as the official highlight of his life! Thanks for all the work. It was much appreciated.
  24. It was so great being able to see Tim Howard work with all of us keepers in person. The coolest thing was a couple of times Tim Howard told me "great save"; I mean how cool is that??